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Chickpea Omelettes

Our fluffy chickpea omelettes served with a dash of hot sauce is the breakfast for healthy champions!

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Vegan Chili Mac

This Vegan Chili Mac combines two of our favourite comfort foods into one pot!

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Potato Pancakes

Crispy oil-free potato pancakes with a side of salsa or guac?

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Spring Food Immersion

Food Immersion

Our Spring Food Immersion kicks off April 26!

Shine Plant Based Kitchen prepares our delicious food. 

Choose from a 5 or 7 day plant-based meal plan for $30 per person per day. Included is breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack.

Order before April 22 and pickup at our clinic in Bracebridge.
RSVP virginia@williamscardiology.com

70 people signed up for our Fall Immersion in October 2020! We were treated to these delicious dishes and fall favourites. We are feeling full and happy!

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Sweet Potato Breaky

A simple but highly nutritious breakfast. Sweet potatoes are a great source of fiber and vitamins!

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