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CLINIC UPDATE: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

To all of our patients,

In light of the current situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19), we will be taking special precautionary measures at our clinic.

We are still open but will be seeing patients via telemedicine. To book an appointment, we require a referral from a Physician or Nurse Practitioner licensed in the province of Ontario.  

This secure computer-based program will allow us to connect with you and review your medical situation while you stay in the comfort (and protection) of your own home.

We look forward to helping more patients and more people understand how their nutritional habits can be an important avenue to improve and in turn, better manage and sometimes even reverse (like high blood pressure…) their medical conditions.

See you online!

Telemedicine appointments
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Online Courses

Introducing our NEW Intro and Advanced online classes!


About our Intro Course:

Our Intro Course takes place over 6 weeks. Each week Dr. Williams will deliver an engaging 1 hour talk designed to increase participants knowledge of how a whole food plant-based diet can improve their overall health. Weekly recipes, grocery lists, tip sheets and other educational resources will also be included. This course is pre-recorded and our first class starts March 12, 2020.

About our Advanced Course:

Our Advanced Course takes place all year long and begins March 11, 2020. Each week Dr. Williams chooses a different scientifically backed topic that relates to your health and how this is linked to the positive benefits of a Whole Food Plant Based Diet. These sessions are recorded LIVE on Wednesdays at 12:00pm EST. If you miss it, we will post a recording after each session so you can catch up. We will also provide budget-friendly recipes to help you eat healthier and cleaner.

For details and to register, please click HERE.

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Williams Cardiology Intro Video

The Williams Cardiology and Wellness Clinic, located in Bracebridge, Muskoka, blends a traditional medical practice with an enhanced program of proactive wellness. Built on the principle of addressing a person as a whole, Dr. Shane Williams seeks to enable his patients to take charge of their health by educating them on the value of proper nutrition and living well.

The centre offers a variety of medical protocol such as detailed medical assessments of a person’s cardiology health, and on-site Transthoracic Echocardiography testing. The centre’s proactive health programs include; individual and group counselling, one-on-one nutrition and lifestyle coaching and complete wellness workshops

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