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Food Immersion

Our Fall Food Immersion kicks off on October 3!

Shine Plant Based Kitchen prepares our delicious food. 

Choose from a 5 day ($170) or 7 day ($230) plant-based meal plan. Included is breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack. ($20 will be reimbursed after you return all the containers.)

RSVP virginia@williamscardiology.com and pickup at our clinic in Bracebridge.

70 people signed up for our Fall Immersion in October 2020! We were treated to these delicious dishes and fall favourites. We are feeling full and happy!

Food Immersion

Food Immersion Program

October 14 – 21, 2016

100% Plant-Based & No Added Oil

Please Note: Registration is now closed

Our Fall 2016 Food Immersion Program will provide 100% Plant-Based no oil breakfast, lunch and dinner and a snack for one week along with some ideas for snacks and accompaniments. We are endeavouring to have recipes available but this may not be possible for this program.

What’s Included

You can look forward to daily check-ins (which will include weight and blood pressure) when meals are picked up daily at our office and a small group session with Dr. Williams (schedule tbd). And with blood work (done at a lab of your choice) at the beginning and the end of the program you’ll see the effect on numbers like cholesterol, sugars and triglycerides.

Each day (including the weekend) you will come to Williams Cardiology for:

– Daily check in for Weight & Blood pressure
– Pick up your 3 Prepared Meals + Snack (No added Oils and 100% Plant Based)

After completion of the Food Immersion, you will receive a copy of your before/after blood work and a personal report to show your progress through the week.

Sample dishes from our last Plant Based Immersion

Sample dishes from our last Plant Based Immersion

Past Participant Testimonials

“Thank you for your assistance in this lifestyle change we have been experiencing” – Shawn L

“This is the second immersion program that I have participated in and enjoyed both” – Kevin L

“My experience with this immersion has been excellent” – Kelley B

“I feel I have lost some weight and I have more energy” – Sharon D

“Food quality taste and portions were very good” – Debbie P

“The food was very tasty and easy to serve. Quantities were generous” – Kathy K

“The group meeting was a great idea to provide a chance to share & compare tips” – Sandra H

“Thank you so much for offering this program. Sign me up for the next one!” – Karen C

“The Food Immersion is an incredible way to jumpstart into eating plant-based food. By participating for a week and seeing the results – weight loss, blood pressure and cholesterol have all dropped significantly – it has made it easier to continue on now the program is over. I have achieved better results through plant-based eating than I ever did as a carnivore – and never went hungry!”

Rates & Registration Information

The cost for this Food Immersion Program is $525.00 (including taxes). That’s $75/day for daily check ins with blood pressure and weight monitoring, a session with Dr. Williams, 3 great tasting meals plus a snack, and the rest the program has to offer. Once payment has been received you will be provided with your meal choices form. Please note there are no refunds.

Space is limited and registration is closed on Wednesday, Oct 5. Book by phone, online or in person at the Clinic.

If you need more info or have any questions, you can contact us here.